Northfield NF-F5M Big Mon

Northfield NF-F5M Big Mon

Adirondack Spruce & Flame Maple
1-1/8" Nut

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The Big Mon

Since its introduction in 2009, Northfield's "Big Mon" F-style mandolin has gained wide popularity among professionals and enthusiasts alike.

In addition to upgraded appointments, materials and hardware, the Big Mon features a slightly larger body than Northfield's standard NF-F5S, which gives the Big Mon a subtle (but noticeable) increase in bass, volume, and sustain.

Northfield's Big Mon is built by the same team responsible for their popular "S" Series mandolins. Each instrument is made using select North American tone woods seasoned and matched in Marshall, MI. The assembly is performed by a small group of four crafstman in Northfield's Qingdao workshop, and the final setup and inspection take place back in Michigan.

Big Mon Appointments and Upgrades

  • Big Mon body size
  • Highly figured flame maple back and sides
  • Premium grade spruce top (available in Adirondack or Engelmann)
  • Varnish/lacquer hybrid finish
  • Violin varnish neck
  • James tailpiece with Northfield logo
  • Grained ivoroid bound top, back, neck, and headstock
  • Decorative headstock inlay

Big Mon Body Size

The "Big Mon" body size was developed by Northfield with the goal of creating a mandolin that offered a bit more midrange and bass response than the standard F-style design.

The proportions of a Big Mon mandolin are larger all around, but not by much. At its widest point, a Big Mon mandolin is about 5mm wider than their regular F-style body. It's a small difference, and many people don't notice until they see a Big Mon side-by-side with a standard mandolin.

Regarding tone, we feel Big Mon mandolins offer up a bit more of everything that we already love about the Northfield tone. More bass and projection, more complexity, and more of that gutsy, throaty quality that Northfield fans love.

Varnish/Lacquer Hybrid Finish 

In 2016, Northfield switched the Big Mon's finish from all-varnish to a special varnish/lacquer hybrid. This combination finish retains the tonal benefits and appearance of varnish while offering improved durability and protection.

This hybrid finish has a deep luster and is a bit mory shiny than what Northfield uses on their "S" Series mandolins. It has a beautiful vintage sheen that isn't as glassy and mirror-like as the finish found on other high end brands.


We feel Northfield mandolins have a warm, open, throaty tone that really captures the "broken-in" sound of older Gibsons we've played throughout the years (including a handful of Loars).

The Northfield tone strikes a nice balance between power and sweetness, making them equally capable in a bluegrass jam or a solo session on the couch.

The qualities of a standard Northfield mandolin are enhanced by the Big Mon body size, which is only found on Northfield's higher end Big Mon and Artist Series mandolins.


Northfields don't just look and sound great--they play like a dream. The compound radius neck, large frets, and a killer factory set up give Northfields a buttery smooth feel straight out of the box.

Most players love the way they play right from the factory, but we're always happy to adjust the action to meet your needs.

Adirondack Top

Adirondack is very stiff and hard compared to other spruce species, resulting in a crisp, bright tone and great projection.

Adirondack also has plenty of "headroom," meaning it will maintain clarity and single note definition even when played aggresively. This makes it it popular among bluegrass and country players who need lots of power and "cut" to avoid getting buried by the rest of the band.

While Adirondack excels in the volume department, players seeking a bit more warmth and sweetness may want to consider Englemann, the other top wood commonly used for Northfield mandolins.

Airloom Deluxe Case

The Airloom Deluxe mandolin case is designed and made by Northfield. The Airloom has a contemporary look while remaining inside the traditional realm, taking leads from the styling found on the most famous oblong cases ever made. A sleek form factor makes them ideal for travel.

The exterior is a tough multi-ply fiberglass shell. The interior has perfectly fitted foam blocks that provide a nice "give" without being too squishy. A velvety lining provides protection for your mandolin's finish.

Cases are made in small batches and are available exclusively through Northfield.

Body SizeBig Mon F-Style
Top WoodAdirondack Spruce
Back & SidesFlame Maple
Nut Width1-1/8" (Standard)
String Spacing1-1/2"
StringsD'Addario Medium Coated EXP74 (11 - 40)
CaseAirloom "Deluxe" Case