RainSong BI-WS1000N2

RainSong BI-WS1000N2

Carbon Fiber Body
1-3/4" Nut • 25.4" Scale • A/E

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About RainSong Carbon Fiber Guitars

RainSong’s carbon fiber guitars are unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity. As a result, they don’t have any of the issues commonly associated with wood guitars such as warping, cracking, or tuning instability.

These qualities make RainSong guitars ideal for players living in excessively dry or humid climates, but the ruggedness of carbon fiber means these instruments are also perfect for travel and gigging.

See the About RainSong tab to learn more about the benefits of carbon fiber. 

The Carbon Fiber Tone

Many first-time RainSong players are pleasantly surprised to discover that they have the same rich, full tone you'd expect to hear from a high-end wood guitar.  While carbon fiber has its own unique tonal characteristics, players accustomed to the sound of wood will find themselves right at home on a RainSong. 

By combining various configurations of carbon fiber with different body sizes, RainSong is able to offer a wide range of sounds suited to any play style. 

WS Body Size

Combining the best qualities of large and small bodied guitars, the WS is ideally suited for a variety of musical situations.

A large, deep chamber gives the WS strong projection and rich bass. The narrow waist and tight upper bout allow for a ringing treble, good balance and clear definition of individual notes.

Overall, the WS is impeccably balanced. The shapely curves and light weight make the WS a comfortable guitar to cradle or stand with. The extra deep cutaway encourages playing up the fretboard.

Black Ice Series

RainSong's Black Ice guitars feature all carbon fiber bodies with their signature "Black Ice" top.

Each Black Ice guitar has a unique top design crafted using hand-placed pieces of carbon fiber.  No two are alike. 

In addition to giving these guitars an eye-catching appearance, the carbon fiber construction provides the Black Ice guitars with their signature brightness, response, and clarity.

RainSong's Black Ice guitars have a tone that is subtly more crisp and crystalline than their Hybrid or Concert series models.

Fishman Prefix Plus-T Pickup

Fishman Prefix Plus-T pickup controls

The Fishman Prefix Plus-T pairs their famous Acoustic Matrix undersaddle pickup with a fully featured onboard preamp.

The Prefix Plus-T features ultra-quiet electronics with volume, bass, treble, and semi-parametric contour controls.

In addition to the standard EQ sliders, the system also offers a brilliance control, phase switch and notch filter to help fight feedback.

Built-in chromatic tuner can be used without plugging in the guitar.

Unique pivot design for instant 9-volt battery access means there's no need to loosen or remove strings for battery changes.

Approximate battery life is 150 hours of play time.

Body SizeWS
Top WoodCarbon Fiber
Back & SidesCarbon Fiber
Nut Width1-3/4"
Scale Length25.4"
String Spacing2-3/16"
ElectronicsFishman Prefix Plus-T
StringsElixir Medium Nanoweb 80/20 11102 (13 - 56)
CaseRainSong Hardshell Case

Founded in the early 1990s, RainSong guitars was the world's first company dedicated to building carbon fiber instruments. Tejon Street Music is proud to be the largest RainSong dealer in the Front Range region.

Carbon Fiber Construction

All RainSong guitars are made entirely out of carbon fiber. The types of carbon fiber used varies depending on the series, but the end result is the same: a tough, stable guitar that's impervious to changes in temperature and humidity.

Unlike wood guitars, a RainSong's top will never crack the neck will never warp. This makes them perfect dry or humid regions where the humidity (or lack thereof) is a constant issue.

Without the need for constant humidification, RainSong guitars can be left out on a stand or wall mount so they're always ready to play. They're also perfect for frequent travelers and working musicians who want to avoid the issues a wood guitar can experience when moving from one environment to another.

In addition to the inherent strength of carbon fiber, RainSong guitars feature a durable polyurethane finish to provide further protection.


When it comes to tone, RainSong guitars are surprisingly similar to wood instruments. While each RainSong model has its own unique voice depending on body size and materials, they have a warmth, richness, and complexity that many wouldn't expect from a non-wood guitar.

That said, carbon has its own unique tonal qualities. Compared to wood, carbon fiber's low level of damping results in crisp, clear trebles and a sweet, well-defined bass.

Their response is even and balanced throughout the spectrum, and they have excellent sustain with lots of volume.


RainSong necks are 100% carbon fiber, making them incredibly stiff and stable. The use of carbon fiber also enables RainSong to build their necks to exacting tolerances, allowing action to be set very low with minimal risk of buzzing.

Since RainSong's carbon fiber necks and soundboards are so rigid they won't warp or twist over time. This means that once a RainSong guitar has been set up the way you want, it will maintain its action and playability without the need for further tweaks and adjustments down the road.

RainSong guitars have an excellent factory setup, but we're always happy to adjust the action based on your preferences and play style.

All current RainSong models have an adjustable truss rod.

Lifetime Warranty

RainSong guitars have a lifetime warranty.  The warranty protects against defects materials and craftsmanship to the original owner. 

Click here to see the full terms of RainSong warranty.