Call or Come in For Our Price

Our prices on many top American brands are much lower than our big box competitors.

The only catch is that we're not allowed to advertise these prices, so you'll need to give us a call (719.634.2228) or drop by our shop to see our price.

Can't I just email for your best price?

Our dealer contracts prevent us from sending prices through email. We can only make offers via live phone conversation or face-to-face meeting.

We realize many people prefer email these days, but getting our best price is as easy as calling (719) 634-2228 and asking. We'll simply tell you the price and answer any other questions you might have. There's never any pressure or obligation.

Do you have reduced prices for all your inventory?

We can't offer reduced prices on all of our lines. The following brands are excluded from any sort of special pricing and will only be sold for the advertised price:

Collings, Northfield, Huber, Kamaka

The fine print...

  • Reduced pricing may not apply to purchases involving a trade
  • Our free shipping policy does not apply to reduced price items, but may still be offered at our discretion
  • Synchrony's interest-free financing may not be available for reduced price items
  • Synchrony's 36-month 13.99% financing and PayPal Credit's 6-month interest-free financing are available for any item at any price