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Northfield Reviews & Testimonials

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It's no secret that we love Northfield mandolins, but don't take our word for it! Here's a collection of Northfield mandolin reviews from some of our customers over the years. Find out what real people have to say about the F5S, Big Mon, Artist, and more.

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You and John provide a great buying experience. I spent around 3 hours just playing the Big Mon on Sunday. It is an amazing mandolin.

I can’t believe the responsiveness of the Big Mon. I can play it very softly and it still has wonderful resonance and tone.

Thanks again for all of your help during the purchase of the Big Mon. As you can tell I am pretty stoked about the instrument!

Mark W.
Denver, CO
Artist Icelandic Brown

The Northfield got a HUGE thumbs up from all at the jam last night. It played like a dream and really cut through. It has found a new home here. Whooooooo!

Sean E.
Roseville, MN
F5S w/ Custom Tortoise Binding

The mando is awesome! Thanks for your great service!

Danny W.
Erlanger, KY
F5S Standard

I received the NF on Saturday in perfect condition. What a joy it is to play! 

The buying process with Avenue was first rate. Thanks for everything and God bless!

Scott T.
Louisville, KY
F5S Black Top

Just wanted to let you know that I love the Northfield! ... it is so different from my Eastman 315D but I quickly started to love it - much better sound and a lot easier to play.

Brad P.
Louisville, CO
F5S w/ One-Piece Back

Just wanted to let you know the mandolin got here. It plays wonderfully—I love it. Thanks for getting it here! Ya’ll are my first stop next time I buy an instrument.

Thomas M.
Princeton, NJ
F5S w/ Wide Nut

I got my mandolin and I love it! It is a joy to play. Thank you guys for helping me through the process. I'll send a picture and/or sound bite if you'd like.

Also, it sounds AMAZING plugged in. The K&K's are pretty remarkable.

Drew B.
Buena Park, CA
F5S Engelmann Top

Wow, I love it. Sold!

Alan E.
Greenwich, NY
F5 Artist 5-Bar

I picked up the Big Mon yesterday and have been putting it through its paces—including a bluegrass gig this evening. It’s a lovely instrument and it looks like I’ll be keeping it!

John H.
Huntington, VT
Big Mon w/ Wide Nut

I love my mahogany octave I got from you!

Jim V.
Roswell, GA
AT01 Mahogany Archtop Octave

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