Nechville Classic Deluxe

Nechville Classic Deluxe

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The Classic Deluxe merges the look of a traditional 5-string resonator banjo with Nechville’s proprietary design features.

Nechville’s Heli-Mount frame allows the head to be tightened quickly and with more consistency than the traditional hook and nut system. The “Cyclotronic” rolling rim pot system boosts resonance and further eases the adjustment process.

A compound radius ebony fingerboard with extra-wide frets provide amazing playability and  fret life.

Beautiful flame maple resonator and neck.

In our opinion, Nechville banjos have a warmer and somewhat mellower tone than traditional resonator banjos, but they still produce plenty of power when you dig in.

Manufacturer Description

Every aspect of a Nechville banjo has been designed for acoustic superiority, convenience, comfort and aesthetics. You'll benefit from the finely crafted details and artistic approach that goes into all Nechville instruments, and you'll have plenty of reasons for pride when owning a Classic.

When you pick up a Nechville Classic, you will be immediately struck by a sensation of high quality. You'll wonder why your left hand slides so smoothly and effortlessly over the ebony and fancy maple neck on the Classic. You'll notice that the wide polished frets are smooth and comfortable to the touch. You'll discover that the silky smooth and durable Nechville finish makes your left hand slide faster. You'll especially be pleased next time you bring your banjo in from the cold, because the finish on the Classic WILL NOT CRACK like traditional Lacquer finishes.

The carefully crafted 7 to 12" compound radius of the fretboard surface helps with noting the accuracy and clarity of tone. This neck's shape gives you the slimmest feel with maximum structural integrity for strength of tone. Not only is it easier to form chords and left hand positions, but you'll get clean distinctive and full bodied musical notes without buzzing or other sonic interference common in traditional banjos. The Classic's slightly wider profile gives you plenty of room for chokes and slides while the fat frets form a secure foundation for the string's anchor point on the fretboard, translating into incredible musical power from every note and frets the last twice as long before needing a fret job.

In Nechville's quest for uncommonly great sound and function, we have incorporated the time tested combination of a bell bronze pre-war style tone ring and 3 ply hard rock maple steam bent rim. In order to coax every bit of tone from Nechville's own proprietary ring. Nechville machines the rim to acoustically superior dimensions and caps it with a stainless steel mounting ring. Unique "Cyclotronic tone spheres," roll on top of this ring under the tone ring to allow easy tightening of the Heli-Mount head. Plus it mounts the tone ring in a non-dampened way, allowing for unrestricted resonance and beauty of tone.

You can be confident that Nechville has paid attention to even the smallest details. Every part of the Nechville has been designed for acoustical superiority, convenience, comfort and versatility. For example, you'll benefit from the adjustable radiused neck attachment. It is as solid as a rock and keeps the banjo in tune, yet when you want to change action height or remove the neck for travel, it happens in a snap. Nechville's Enterprise bridge is compensated with an efficient geometry that is more sophisticated than we have time to explain. Nechville tailpieces save you time in string changes while mounting strings in a straight line which is scientifically proven to be more sound efficient.

Nechville's exotic wood Comfort armrest is a favorite feature of Bela's. He actually likes the Comfort armrest so much that he uses it on several of his acoustic banjos. It simply makes playing more enjoyable. Feel secure that the sturdy case that comes with the Classic will protect your investment for years to come.

From a distance, you see a reminder of the traditional banjo. When you get behind a Classic Deluxe, you'll leave the others behind.

Classic DLX Features:

  • AAA Premium Tiger Stripe Maple Neck and Resonator
  • Fast, Durable Finish
  • Black Eclipse Heli-Mount Technology
  • Slightly Wider, Comfortable Neck Profile
  • Side Dot Markers
  • Premium Black Binding with Black/White Stripe
  • Artistic Diamond Wing inlay
  • Planetary Style Tuning Pegs
  • 20 hole Bell Bronze Tone Ring
  • Nechville's Exclusive Cyclotronic Rolling Rim Pot System.
  • 3 Ply Maple Rim
  • Nechville In-Line 3 Way Adjustable Tailpiece
  • Compensated Custom Enterprise Bridge
  • Select Ebony Fingerboard with Compound 7-12" Radius Shape
  • Extra Wide Long Lasting Frets
  • White Remo Frosted Medium Crown Head
  • Premium Hard Shell Case with Adjustment Tools and Manual

Heli-Mount Design

Nechville Musical Products introduced the patented "Heli-mount" banjos at the 1991 "World of Bluegrass" Trade show in Kentucky.

NMP owns a patent on several features of the Heli-mount acoustic banjo. The Heli-mount is a 2 piece, cast aluminum frame that replaces over 70 parts of a regular banjo. There is only one moving part instead of 24 or more. The Heli-mount's head tightens with one helical thread around the perimeter, giving completely even tension to the head, while regular banjo heads have dozens of tension points around the perimeter.

Banjoist, Rick Sampson, describes it as follows, "The two-piece Heli-mount design is simply the most elegant and versatile banjo construction ever, providing unsurpassed musical tone". The added benefits of high reliability, easy maintenance, quick adjustability, interchangeability and lighter weight make it an exceptional value in musical instruments. Nechville has several other unique banjo related products including several models of electric banjos, a small, low cost, lightweight practice/travel banjo, and a compensated banjo bridge sold as an aftermarket upgrade to any banjo.

Nechville Musical Products' revolutionary one-piece cast metal Heli-Mount banjo frame replaces over seventy miscellaneous pieces of hardware used in the construction of conventional hook-and-nut style banjos. Tightening or loosening the Heli-Mount banjo head is accomplished by the simple turning of a threaded tensioning ring, which fits inside the Heli-Mount frame, rotating when one twists two Heli-Mount tensioning wrenches. Similar in operation to a jar lid, the Heli-Mount system produces perfectly even tension throughout the banjo head - in a matter of moments rather than in an all-day project!

The patented Heli-Mount frame is also the primary structural component for the Heli-Mount banjo, eliminating the need for coordinator rods within the banjo's resonating chamber. String action is easily adjusted by a simple loosening at the base of the banjo neck by the use of an Allen wrench. The Heli-Mount neck has been designed to make a solid connection with the Heli-Mount frame, and loosening the neck enables it to slide up or down along the radius of the frame - thereby raising or lowering string action. When the proper action is achieved, the neck is simply tightened back into position with the Allen wrench.

The resulting Heli-Mount banjo tone is full, balanced, and musical, due to the absence of vibrations caused by loose metallic parts and coordinator rods interfering with the inherent clarity of the banjo's tone ring. The bell brass Nechville Heli-Mount tone ring is "freely suspended" within the Heli-Mount banjo's acoustic chamber, resulting in unparalleled purity of banjo sound and projection. The Heli-Mount frame is available as an Eclipse (black) frame, a Corona (polished nickel) frame, and sometimes is even plated in gold.

Cyclotronic Tone Ring System

This is a cool system that is interchangeable with the current Heli-mount rim. In the new system, the same tone ring is used and stays solidly mounted, yet allows for maximum resonance because it is resting on 80 ball bearings!

You don't see them because they are inside the tone ring, but the difference in volume and tone can be surprising, depending on how your Heli-Mount is set up currently.

Two very positive things happen when all the head tension is bearing on the metal balls under the tone ring. First, the tone ring is able to resonate more fully because the ball mounting prevents any dampening effect of direct contact with the wood rim. Secondly, the Heli-Mount's rotational (helical) tightening is made easier with rolling balls rather than the original sliding Teflon interface.

The result? It's easier to adjust the head for a wide range of sounds from snappy "traditional" to fat and full. If you are interested, we could either install it for you or send you the easy conversion kit. With the Heli-Mount, you can interchange parts in a flash.