Northfield Artist Series Variation 2

Northfield Artist Series Variation 2

Engelmann Spruce & Flame Maple
1-1/8" Nut

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This stunning Northfield NFA-5V2E "Artist Series" mandolin has an Engelmann spruce top and Northfield's "Variation 2" 2-bar bracing style.

Tonally, this Artist Series mandolin is big, punchy, and powerful while still offering up lots of warmth and low end.

Beautiful one-piece back.

Includes rectangular Airloom "Deluxe" case.

Northfield's Description

Courtesy of Northfield's official Artist Series product info page.

Elegantly carved from our most striking materials to produce the finest aesthetics ever found in a Northfield mandolin. The result is several dynamic variations that exhibit consistently powerful and uniquely expressive voices. Designed to work for and rigorously tested by one of the most discerning genre-hopping mandolinists of our time, Mike Marshall. Simply put, the Northfield Artist Series mandolins are our best yet.

Since 2007 our team has been working on design improvements for our highest-level mandolins. We have evaluated and tested our own instruments through years of use on the road. We have extensively studied some of the most impressive modern day instruments. We have taken field trips to play and listen to exceptional mandolins, working with some of the finest musicians and luthiers in the world. We have spent many hours handling some of the very best vintage examples—peering inside them with sophisticated tools used for modeling construction and collecting acoustical data. This research has inspired and led us to reimagine and refine ourselves in the Artist Series.

Ultimately, we know that a mandolin's voice is subjective—artistry and musicality, not laboratory hours, matter most in the end. We have not forgotten that the link between builders and players is where the soul of the instrument is born. We've done extensive live and recorded listening tests, developing a vocabulary to define what we're after in the tone of a mandolin, but we haven’t done this alone. Apparent in the name Artist Series, we’ve had a lot of help from very discerning professionals—incredibly, some of the most amazing mandolin players in the world.


Top: Carved Engelmann
Sides / Back / Neck: Carved Sugar Maple
Tailpiece: Nickel-plated engraved Bill James
Pick Guard: Bound Ebony
Bridge / Fingerboard Material: Premium Ebony
Nut Width: 1-1/8"
String Spacing: 1.5"
Neck Shape: Soft V
Fingerboard Radius: 5.7" at nut, 7.7" at 20th fret
Tuners: Gotoh (Standard)
Finish Material: French Polished Spirit Varnish
Finish Color: Sunburst
Tone Bar Construction: 2 Bar
Scale Length: 13-7/8" (front edge of E string)
Case: Airloom "Deluxe" Case

2-Bar Bracing Style

This Artist mandolin features Northfield's "Variation 2" 2-bar bracing system.

  • Strong fundamental
  • Cutting high-end power
  • Focused projection

All materials from North America, seasoned and matched in our Marshall, MI shop. Assembled and varnished in our Qingdao shop. Set up and final inspected in our Marshall, MI shop.

Body SizeF-Style
Top WoodEngelmann Spruce
Back & SidesFlame Maple
Nut Width1-1/8" (Standard)
Scale Length13-7/8"
CaseAirloom "Deluxe" Case