Used Supro Lexington S645 Electric Guitar (1960s)

Used Supro Lexington S645 Electric Guitar (1960s)

1-11/16" Nut • 24-3/4" Scale

Serial 1-43149


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Very clean Supro Lexington S645 electric guitar. Serial number 1-43149, which means it was built between 1964 and 1968 according to the Valco dating page on

The S645 is the 3-pickup version of the Lexington. The S635 had two pickups, and the S625 just had one.

Neck and Playability

The neck is very straight and playable with just the right amount of relief. We installed a small shim (around .030") in the neck pocket to angle the neck back a bit. Aside from this, the guitar didn't need anything except for a standard setup.

Plays great with nice, low action. Minimal fret wear with plenty of life left in the frets.

Includes whammy bar. Whammy mechanism works fine.

There's a very light buzz on the G string when played open. Pushing lightly on the string behind the nut makes the buzz go away completely, so it's just a result of not having quite enough down pressure on that one string. We've seen other Lexington owners add an additional string tree, but heavier strings might do the trick as well.


Guitar is in very good condition overall. The body and neck have lots of little nicks and dings from normal use over the years, but nothing unusual for a guitar this age. No structural issues or repairs of any kind.


All pickups and electronics are in good working condition. We pulled the guard and confirmed that all wiring and components are 100% original. We cleaned the pots but didn't need to do anything else.

Middle pickup is missing its metallic sticker.


Weighs 7.04 lbs.

Includes original chipboard case in good condition.